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Hello, and welcome to our digital collective ethnographic journal chronicling our Spring 2013 Study-Abroad class from the University of Louisville in Kentucky-USA. This trip to Cape Town, South Africa is a follow-up to a 4-month university seminar comparing U.S. and South African histories connected to race, gender and social justice.

My name is Cate Fosl and I am an associate professor of Women's and Gender Studies and an associate in History. My field is women in post-WW2 social movements.  I am also the director of the University of Louisville's Anne Braden Institute for Social Justice Research.

Eight graduate and undergraduate students and I have embarked on this field study to look at the history of apartheid and the fight to end it in relation to the African American freedom movement.  On this trip we are visiting historic sites connected to the struggle against apartheid, doing some oral histories with anti-apartheid freedom fighters and meeting cultural activists in the post-apartheid era.

Organizations we have worked with or met with include the Institute for Justice and ReconciliationTSiBA EducationHuman Rights Media CentreEngenderWomen's Legal Centre, and Womanspirit.  Please take a look at our experiences and reflections!

Thank you!
Cate Fosl



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Writer's Floor

names 1.jpg

These photographs were taken on the floor of the District Six Museum. Here, South African writers have written about their home.

Trojan Horse

trojan horse.jpg

On October 15th 1985, several people were killed in what has been named the Trojan Horse Massacre. This exhibit remembers those who died.

Cape Flats

cape flats.jpg

During apartheid, the Cape Flats was an area where those who were not white were forcibly placed. Today, the Cape Flats still share the legacy of…

Amy Thornton


Amy Thornton was an anti-apartheid activist and organizer. She was a member of the Modern Youth Society (MYS), Modern World Society(MWS), South…